October 26, 2011

Hesitation and less chance!

They all already know what they will be doing tomorrow, despite you!!!

September 16, 2011

Words can't describe how much I hate this time of year!

September 09, 2011

Stone age attitudes

At this point of time you definitely need to change your attitude about women. This change is really necessary for someone like you with this social level. If I were you, I would start right now, tomorrow might be too late for you.

August 31, 2011


I've never found myself that much playful! Begging you to concentrate just for a couple of months, then every thing would be much better than least I think so.

July 04, 2011

has no title

Unfortunately there is something in life, you can never get it.. never! It doesn't matter at all how much effort you put or how much you struggle for having them...

March 22, 2011

Nowruz 1390

I clean the glass table in the middle of the room. Spread out a tablecloth which is made with golden ribbon over the table. Then I look for those small brown-red plates which my Mom has been given around 30 years ago because of my birthday. I was given them last time when I was at home. I go to the kitchen to find them in the cabinet. Now I should find senjed, somagh, sir, sekkeh, serkeh and sonbolo sabzeh. I have prepared all of them last week. I put seven S in my lovely plates and set the table with them, one by one. I also bring few colorful eggs and add to the seven sin table, though the eggs have nothing to do with S letter but I like to have them on the table. They remind me of my childhood. I think to myself whatelse my seven S table still needs? I turn my head around and suddenly my eyes stair at your photo on the shelf books... Yes I have to find the best place for your photo. Your photo goes and sits beside my favorite flowers on the table. I try to take the best shot of the table then email the photo to those people who smile when they see it.

Now you, my love and me are waiting and counting the minutes to turn the new day...

Nowruz bar hame Mobarak, Happy Nowruz!

February 04, 2011


It has been one year today since you left us forever without saying anything. That was the absolute worst day of my life...

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